THE METTA WAY – Family Constellations Therapy

Healing is a gift…healing happens because forces are at work; forces that extend far beyond the individual.

Bert Hellinger in No Waves Without the Ocean


I am Sunitha, a practitioner of Family Constellations Therapy and founder of The Metta Way. I am based in Bengaluru, India.

Family Constellation work is a form of therapy evolved by Bert Hellinger which sees an individual as part of a system, the primary and most important one being the family. The systemic view sees a person’s present day problems as a result of everything that has happened and happens in their family system. Therefore, an individual is never alone in their suffering or healing.

At its core, this work is a profoundly transformative understanding of love; its bonds and binds. The work shows us how love powers a family system, how it delicately shapes each of us, what it makes us do to thrive and the way it keeps us unconsciously loyal to our families; sometimes with destructive/unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

These patterns may manifest, for example, as stuck-ness, a sense of being lost/directionless, joyless living, struggles with financial well being/success, inexplicable anxiety/panic, obsessive negativity, violent behaviour, bipolarity, depression, chronic pain, migraines or addictions.

Family Constellation work helps us get to the root of our suffering/difficulty by enabling us to see the truth in our family systems in a gentle and compassionate way. It helps us be in agreement with all that has been and is in our lives. Indeed, it frees us to be fearlessly authentic, present and powerful.

I believe this work can help anyone, in any situation and with any ‘problem’. I offer individual and group sessions, in-person and online via Zoom or Skype. I work with couples as well and am open to working with adolescents who are 13 – 18 years old and the elderly.

Group sessions are for adults only. Please get in touch, I look forward to being of service.

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